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Top 8 Best Laptops For Game Development

You could be a professional game developer or you could be a college student who is pursuing a Game design/development major, if you’re looking out for laptops that can run popular game development software such as Unity, Unreal Engine, RPG maker, etc. then you are in luck.

Game development is a very broad field, if you’re developing 2D games then you don’t need a very powerful machine. However, If you’re into making 3D games, then there are a lot of graphic intensive tasks you’d be doing such as designing the environment on platform like Unity, character creation using CAD software such as Autodesk Maya or 3DS Max, Zbrush, Blender, etc.

As an experienced game developer you already know the tasks you are involved with, thereby it’s easier for you to choose a laptop. But, if you’re a beginner or a student, then you must be very confused right now, the best thing to do in such a scenario is to get the machine that comes with the recommended system requirements for game development. (We’ve listed the specs needed and also all the models we’ve reviewed come with specs above the minimum required.)

Laptop for Game Development – The New Guide

Don’t want to get bothered about the Specifications? Jump to the list!

Before buying a new game development software, make sure that the laptop that you are planning to purchase meets at least the minimal specifications that we have mentioned. However, as game development is a professional thing, we also recommend getting a laptop that actually offers the recommended specifications, which ensures a smooth game development for the months to come.

Keeping the hardware aside for a while, a gaming development laptop should be able to run software such as Unity, Unreal Engine, RPG Maker, Construct 2, and Stencyl without any lags or issues. Do note that, a lot of the popular games like Fortnite, PUBG, etc. are built using Unreal Engine 4.

For smooth game development make sure that the laptop you get comes with the below system recommendations.

  • CPU: A modern game development laptop should have the latest quad-core processor with at least 3.5GHz clock speed. For a laptop with an Intel chipset, it is advised to get a Core-i7 or Core-i9 CPU. Similarly, if you are looking for a laptop with an AMD CPU, then make sure that the laptop is powered by the Ryzen 7 series CPU.
  • GPU: GPU is another important aspect of a game development software, as developing a game involves creating 3D models and rendering them in real-time. So, it is recommended that the laptop of your choice should have at least a 4GB graphics card. However for an elevated game development experience, get the one with 6GB/8GB VRAM.
  • Display: Display is also the most important aspect of game development software. It is recommended to get a laptop with at least a 1080p/2K resolution screen. Similarly, if your budget allows, then go for a laptop with a 4K screen, which will further improve the overall game development experience.
  • RAM: RAM or device memory is a very important aspect of game development software. Make sure that the laptop has at least 16GB of RAM. If possible, get a laptop with 32GB RAM as most of the game development software consumes a lot of RAM and having a lower amount of RAM will slow-down the laptop.
  • Storage: No matter what, a game development laptop should have an SSD based storage. Using an HDD based laptop for gaming development will hinder your work due to the storage limitations of an HDD compared to an SSD. It is advised that a game development laptop should have at least 512GB and is recommended to get a laptop with 1TB NVMe SSD based laptop.

Minimum & Recommended System Requirements for Game Development

Minimum System RequirementsRecommended System RequirementsCPUIntel Core i7Intel Core i9RAM16GB32GBStorage512GB SSD & 1TB HDD1TB SSD & 2TB HDDDisplay14-inch HD15/16 inch FHDBatteryMinimum 4 HoursUp to 10 hoursGPUDedicated GPU with at least 4GB VRAMDedicated GPU with at least 4GB VRAM


The Best Game Design/Development Laptops


1. Asus ZenBook Pro Duo




  • Processor: 2.4-5GHz Intel Core i9-9980HK (8 cores)
  • RAM: 32GB
  • Storage: 1TB SSD
  • Display: 15.6-inch 4K Touch (3840 x 2160)
  • GPU: 6GB Nvidia RTX 2060
  • Battery: Up to 4 hours

The Asus ZenBook Pro Duo is probably one of the best laptops that is suitable for developing high-end games. It not only has a primary 4K display (3840 x 2160p), but it also has a secondary display which can be used to access additional applications, which is also color calibrated, just like the primary display.

The laptop is powered by the Intel Core i9-9980 HK clocked at 2.4GHz and could boost up to 5GHz when needed, is one of the most powerful CPU that has been featured on a laptop. Be it machine learning, using GIS software, name a high-end task and this laptop shall run it without any lags.

A few game developers who use it said that they were able to compile code, make the gaming environment on Unity 3D, make characters using 3D modelling softwares like Autodesk Maya and browse the internet, and listen to music, simultaneously without any lags.

It comes with the Windows 10 Pro OS and is equipped with 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD storage which is more than enough for handling multiple game projects at once. Also, without an SSD the speeds at which the game assets show up on game development software such as Unity would’ve taken forever to load. Also, a single project varies with a lot of gaming assets can vary from 4-20 GB, Thanks to the enormous amount of storage, you don’t have to upgrade the storage for years.

It is also one of the first laptops to come equipped with the Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU, which is capable of ray-tracing and this will also help developers to test the upcoming ray-tracing games as well. The laptop is a bit heavy at 5.5 pounds and the battery usually lasts between 4 to 5 hours, depending on the usage pattern.

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